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Welcome to Puget Sound Energy's EDI Web Site

Puget Sound Energy is pleased to offer electronic (EDI) billing for our commercial and industrial customers to help your billing process be cost effective and more efficient.

We also know many of our customers have an interest in managing their energy costs more closely. With access to an electronic billing format, your company may have the ability to download your billing data into an energy management system.

Getting Started

Please review PSE's Testing FAQ and Testing Process Plan. Then Register for Testing on this site to get started. If you have questions, contact Puget Sound Energy at edi@pse.com.

How Does Xebec Help?

Xebec's job is to help your company implement EDI with Puget Sound Energy successfully.

If you are new to EDI, Xebec offers solutions that let you take advantage of EDI billing by being your outsourced EDI department. They'll convert Puget Sound Energy's 810 EDI bill data into any format you require internally.

If you are already EDI capable, they will assist you by testing your system and certify that you can receive and process Puget Sound Energy's 810 invoice layout as documented in PSE's EDI specifications.

If you have any questions, please contact Xebec at 303-368-1252 or e-mail utilitybilling@xebecdata.com.