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VAN Services

VAN Services

If you have an in-house EDI system yet need VAN services, Xebec set you up with an account on the Liaison network (formally nuBridges) by putting you under our contract.  You will see great savings compared to negotiating with them or another VAN directly especially if you are a small to medium sized company with moderate K char expectations.  

We've worked with EDI*Net for eight years and had exceptional results.  They offer the highest quality support (believe us as we have worked with the other VANs and there is no comparison) and extremely reliable service.  Give us a call for more information 303-368-1252.

Some Features of Liaison VAN Service

  • Electronic post office: store and receive; push or pull data to or from your trading partners
  • More forms of Secure Protocols supported than ANY other Network: EDI-INT (AS1, AS2, AS3), FTP(S), HTTP(S), SMTP, POP3, Async, Bisync
  • Streamline all your EDI transactionsócompleting any transaction in any protocol to any partner
  • Real-time and batch message delivery
  • Secure message delivery capabilities using software and/or hardware encryption
  • Message transmission validation and delivery monitoring
  • Network uptime above the industry average
  • Ease of Migration: a migration specialist will contact you to handle your migration from another VAN efficiently and effectively with no disruption in your services.
  • Implementation guide and support: our network support engineers are available 24x7
  • Network interconnects to ALL major VAN networksówith no charge to you
  • Visibility: track the status of your eBusiness transactions with your trading partners through our online, self-serve functionality. Re-queue, resend, or restore messages with one click. The online management tool also allows tracking acknowledgements from the trading partner community. We offer the most effective online trading community management tools at your fingertips