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Web Portal

Web Portal

Are you a company with a successful EDI program but are now focusing on getting all you remaining non-EDI compliant partners onto EDI? Xebec can create a custom portal specific to your company. This is the perfect solution for electronically integrating all your trading partners that are too small to invest in EDI software; eliminating the need for your company to key punch paper documents without imposing a fiscal burden on your supply chain. Instead, your trading partners will receive their orders electronically, and have the ability to easily turn them around into documents like invoices and advance ship notices with pre-populated information. We can even create the UCC-128 shipping label for them. They just print it off, slap it on their pallets or cartons, and then ship them off.

As with all of our solutions, Xebec will do all the setup and maintenance of the web portal; essentially becoming your outsourced EDI team. If anything goes wrong, you simply call us and we take care of the problem. All the forms and layouts will be custom built to fit your company's exact situation and needs. Integration will be achieved by matching the layout you need to import into your backend systems. The web portal can also be expanded to receive all your current VAN traffic; consolidating your entire EDI department.

Key Features:

  • Eliminate the time and errors involved with key punching documents from trading partners who are not EDI compliant
  • Secure Online access to all trading partner documents
  • Easy to use ECLynx functionality for your trading partners
  • Outsourced administration of the entire system
  • Ability to expand to encompass all your existing EDI traffic
Xebec is able to customize the portal to fit whatever your situation demands. By leveraging the power of ECLynx through your own portal, your organization can streamline the entire document exchange process; completely eliminating the need to keypunch paper documents.