Xebec Data EDI Software

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Integrate with Your Backend Systems

Why keypunch data between ECLynx and your backend systems when you could integrate. As long as your accounting package can export and import data, chances are Xebec can create the custom programs to match up what we need for processing with what you need for integrating. If you have programmers on staff, we can give you the layout we need to process and you can avoid our custom programming fees.

Once we have created the programs necessary for integration, then we decide what the best means of transmission of the documents is. Because we customize all of our clients' solutions, any number of possible solutions can implemented. Files can be uploaded and downloaded from our server using the ECLynx web interface. To avoid any manual intervention, processes can be setup to FTP documents to Xebec's servers, or we can pickup and drop off to your FTP server. Whatever your company needs, Xebec Data can most likely accommodate. Eliminate keypunching errors and streamline transaction processing through data integration.