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GS1-128 (UCC-128)

GS1-128 labels are used by retailers for confirming receipt of shipments via the defined bar code layout. Each retailer has there own mandatory layout and requirements for information which are usually based on the information sent within the purchase order. ECLynx will automatically pull this information from the purchase order through the process of creating the advance ship notice, create the unique SSCC-18 number, and print the shipping label for each of your cartons and pallets.

If the person slapping the labels on the cartons is not the same as the person creating the advance ship notice, a login can be created for your shipper that will only allow for the viewing and printing of the ship notice and related labels. These user permissions are crucial if you have outsourced the packing and shipping of your product but want to retain the control of creating the mandatory ship notices to avoid charge backs.

Xebec will customize the label for each of your trading partners based on their unique requirements. The only requirement is to purchase a thermal printer for printing the shipping labels. Thermal printers are standard for printing these labels and greatly cut down on charge backs due to unreadable labels. Laser and ink jet printers do not print a high enough quality image to be reliably readable by barcode scanners.

The label will print out as a 4 x 6 shipping label and is an example of what is currently sent to Staples. The SSCC-18 number displayed is auto generated while creating the advance ship notice; reducing the amount of keypunching and time necessary to create.