Xebec Data EDI Solutions

Web-based EDI Solutions at their Simplest...


Are your customers asking you to receive their orders and send them invoices electronically? Do you want to accommodate their requests but don't have the time, money or EDI experience to make it happen?  Often it is hard to justify investing in full blown EDI Translation Software that needs to be loaded, mapped, run, monitored and maintained on an inhouse computer. Many folks don't want to deal with EDI at all; you just want to receive orders and send your invoices or receive and pay your bills. Whatever your industry or the documents you want to trade, outsourcing your EDI needs is usually the most cost effective way to go.

ECLynx is the solution to your problems. We have designed an easy to use Web Service to facilitate trading business documents in EDI format with your business partners. GS1-128 (formerly UCC-128) labels are also available for printing when creating advance ship notices, eliminating the need for expensive bar code software in your warehouse.

ECLynx Integrated Solution (any volume levels)

This implementation removes double keypunching and manual intervention from the solution. ECLynx receives EDI documents from your partners, translates the EDI into file formats that can be imported into your internal applications, then delivers the files to you. You send outbound documents to ECLynx in a text layout that your internal system generates, ECLynx translates the data into EDI, and delivers the EDI to the your trading partners. Every step can be automated. More details including ROI Calculator, Data Flow Models, Case Study)

With both implementations, you can access your documents securely from your own desktop by simply opening your favorite internet browser. View, Print, Email or Download your documents in an easy to read customized format compatible with virtually anyone’s computer. With our Integrated solutions most clients rarely interact with the online web view of documents sine it is a streamlined automatic process with minimal to no manual intervention.

ECLynx Turn-Around Solution (for smaller volumes with no Integration)

With this scenario, you interact with a customized ECLynx view that will display only the information that your trading partner relationships demand. It comes complete with easy to use turnaround capabilities for turning purchase orders into invoices, ship notices, acknowledgements, or any other required documents, which is great for small volumes. This solution can get you EDI capable, but remember it will require you to keypunch document data in ECLynx as well as in your internal applications. This solution is perfect if you are forced into EDI, have volumes of 40 document or less per month, and don't want to invest the time integrating EDI with your backend systems. More details including ROI Calculator, Demo, Case Study)

ECLynx Capabilities:

  • ECLynx can connect to your Trading Partners using EDI Networks, Secure FTP or AS2
  • View Orders on line and turn them into Invoices and ASNs. Simply select the order, select Turnaround, enter a few additional fields and press the Send button. Easy as that.
  • Full archiving capabilities. All documents sent or received via ECLynx are accessible to view and print for up to 120 days.