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ECLynx: EDI Turn-Around Solutions

This solution is fantastic for smaller EDI customers. This solution lets you comply with your partners EDI requirements but you don't have to invest in an integrated solution. Here is how it would work:

Receiving Orders from your customers is simple. They send 850 or 875 EDI purchase orders to your EDI Id that we will setup for you on the nuBridges EDI Network (VAN). ECLynx runs every 10 mins to checks for and downloads all the EDI orders in your EDI mailbox. It then translates the orders out of EDI format and populates ECLynx's easy to use web interface which resembles any email client you've used. Orders are marked in bold to indicate they are new POs. You either view, print, download or email the orders and then process them through your normal in-house accounting or order processing system.

When the goods are ready for shipping and invoicing, you follow all your normal procedures except that rather than mailing or faxing invoices and advanced ship notices, you log into ECLynx to prepare these documents. Simply locate the PO # you've just filled, click the turnaround icon, and we'll populate the online form with all the PO data. ECLynx will also prefill any invoice or ship notice fields that can be defaulted including fields like Remit to address, negotiated terms for the partner, a calculated due date, and calculated shipping and handling fees. You will then key-punch any field that is unique for the shipment, like Pro Reference #s and Shipment weights. Finish things up by reviewing a report of the Invoice or Ship Notice and hitting send. ECLynx handles the rest by translating the data into 810 or 880 EDI Invoices or 856 EDI Ship Notices and sending them to your partners via the VAN.

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ECLynx Capabilities:

> ECLynx can connect to your Trading Partners using traditional EDI Networks, Secure FTP or AS2 (setup costs apply)

> View Orders on line and turn them into Invoices and ASNs. Simply select the order, select Turnaround, enter a few additional fields and press the Send button. Easy as that.

> Full archiving capabilities. All documents sent or received via ECLynx are accessible to view and print for up to 90 days.