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DataTrek EDI Software

DataTrek is an EDI translator.  But what makes it unique is that the user does not need to learn EDI technologies and formatting.  DataTrek is delivered to the user fully mapped and tested.  Xebec works as an agent for our customers and handles all interaction with your Trading Partners' EDI departments. 

--> Easy to use windows interface
--> One button click to send and receive EDI
--> We map all EDI Transactions for the user
--> Readable reports of received EDI can be printed
--> Received EDI can be integrating into internal systems
--> Historical data is maintained for troubleshooting
--> Communication scripts included
--> VAN, FTP and AS2 connectivity solutions available

Check out DataTrek's Scheduler, Run Statistics and EDI Reports screens for more info.

Who is Using DataTrek and Why:

  • Large organizations such as CalTrans, Kroger, and Alameda County who have cut administrative costs by electronically processing huge volumes of invoices and payments
  • Large CLECs like Metro Teleconnect, Cat Communication and Optimum Global Communication because DataTrek can batch process thousands of orders and is integrated to our Telecom Orders provisioning program
  • Medium and smaller companies like Jackson Rapid Transit, Green Products and Pre-Cast that must be EDI capable to remain on their clients' vendor list and rely totally on Xebec's EDI experience to keep them there
  • Companies requiring a customized application like Dyke, Profile and Fiberlok who use a Xebec designed data entry program to gather the information that is translated by DataTrek
  • Savvy individuals at groups like Oakland Housing, IQ Solutions, Monterey RWPCA and Contra Costa County that use DataTrek to feed data into their existing accounting and operations applications