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Data Synchronization

Data Synchronization - Item Sync Retail solution

The problems with inaccurate, inconsistent product item are well known - product unavailability, inaccurate pricing, chargebacks, extensive time spent on correcting item, warehousing delays because of inaccurate measurements and so on. 

With hundreds or thousands of items in catalogs or databases internally and externally, the promised benefits of item synchronization has been somewhat elusive to many retailers and large suppliers. Companies have spent millions on professional services and internal resources building demand solutions for item synchronization from piecemeal solutions available in the market. So far, there has been no comprehensive item synchronization solution to address the needs of enterprise level customers dealing with hundreds of suppliers and SKUs. While item pools such as UCCnet, Transora and WWRE support item and even some relationship specific information, getting the item from the item pools is just the first step for effective item synchronization. The item needs to be aggregated from multiple sources, validated, and routed to suitable people within the organization in different departments such as merchandizing, store management etc for approval, before finally being delivered to internal systems of the company. nuBridges Item Synchronization Demand Solution is built to address these issues and present a comprehensive view of your item synchronization efforts. 

nuBridges solution works across your product lifecycle from purchasing to external logistics to internal logistics to point of sale to help maximize the value you derive from your item synchronization efforts.

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