Xebec Data EDI Solutions

EDI Solutions at their Simplest...
AS2 Solutions

AS2 through the VAN

This is the solution for customers looking to bridge the gap between the VAN capabilities and the EDI-INT capabilities. No big up front software costs or reworking of your internal processes; this solution only requires a simple connection to a VAN mailbox. Making AS2 no different then trading documents with any other traditional trading partners. Whether your company uses Xebec's EDI software, or if you are simply looking for a solution for your existing system, we can help to get you AS2 capable with little cost or effort.

Key Features:

  • No need to purchase software licenses or equipment
  • Leverage Xebec's network-based software infrastructure and trained staff to enable EDI-INT partners
  • Use a simple VAN connection to send and receive data, no need to setup any new or special connections
  • No need to hire additional staff to enable EDI-INT trading partners

truExchange EDI-INT Windows software

truExchange EDI-INT fits easily and securely into your environment. Unlike other EDI-INT solutions, our  solution allows you to run your secure EDI-INT transacting in your existing network infrastructure without putting your private keys and unencrypted data in your DMZ. You save money and configuration time by reducing the need to rework your network or write bridging processes.

With truExchange EDI-INT, your EDI-INT transacting can take place securely in your LAN right next to your EDI translator. Security is ensured since no data or keys are accessible by intruders. Our EDI-INT server can run wherever you want, including behind your firewall. However, for those who wish to stop incoming transactions in their DMZ, the solution is bundled with an AS2 server for your DMZ that only stores encrypted AS2 transactions. Those transactions can either be retrieved by or redirected to your EDI-INT software in your LAN.

Key Features:

  • AS1, AS2, AS3 Support
  • Automates the e-mailing of any proprietary, non-EDI or XML files
  • Automated POP3 and SMTP clients included
  • Provides S/MIME encryption and PGP (sold separately)
  • Provides HTTP with S/MIME and/or SSL as specified by AS2
  • Includes an AS2 server (purchased as a stand alone) and integrates with other EDI-INT products.
  • Firewall Smart Navigation (e.g. routing through proxy servers)
  • Automated dial-up PPP support
  • Email command can be imbedded in existing legacy job streams to provide automated email alerts for problem notification.
  • EDI Smart
  • Non-repudiation through MDNs
  • Tracks transactions through outbound queues, inbound queues, session logs and global history logs
  • Workflow capability puts rules in place for receipt of MDNs with automated retry, recovery and error alerts to you and your trading partner.
  • EDI routing functions
  • XML routing functions
  • Scan directory and library trigger functions
  • Support any data type (EDI, XML, Binary, etc.)
  • PKI support
  • Interoperates with Legacy Templar and Microsoft Outlook S/MIME