Xebec Data EDI Software

EDI Software Solutions at their Simplest...


Xebec Data provides a line of software solutions and web services for automating the exchange of trading partner information, including:

  • DataTrek -EDI translation software - an easy to use premapped EDI software package that can be integrated with your internal applications
  • ECLynx - Web EDI - receive and send EDI documents with a Web application.  This is a solution for smaller sized companies with smaller volumes of EDI documents
  • Value-Added Network service - VAN service for very low and reasonable rates
  • Web Based Portal - Fully integrate all your trading partners by harnessing the power of ECLynx within your own personal website
  • AS2 Software - AS2 connectivity options to help you transmit EDI to your trading partners
  • Data synchronization - software to manage a network depository of standardized item, location, and trading partner data 

Our solutions can be implemented quickly, require minimal customization and are supported by excellent customer service. Xebec solutions allow companies across a diverse range of industries to quickly become EDI capable and meet compliance requirements with leading vertical market trading communities such as UCCNet.