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SoCal Edison EDI

With the rising cost of natural gas and energy bills, staying on top of your energy costs has become extremely important. Use ECLynx to receive EDI invoices from SoCal Edison, import the bill data into an energy analysis program to track costs and your AP system to automate the payment process. Eliminate keypunch errors and late payment fees.

Receive, analyze and pay your SoCal Edison invoices efficiently.

Here's how it works: SoCal Edison bills are delivered to you via our ECLynx Web EDI system. ECLynx re-write the bill data into your specific accounting or energy analysis system's layout requirements. These files can be secure FTP'd or emailed to you. And you can always log into our easy to use web interface to view, print, email or download your invoices. Then it is simply a matter of importing them into the systems of your choice. See how the City of Santa Cruz did it.

Getting those bills paid! Import SoCal Edison 810 invoices into your accounting system. Simply provide Xebec with the file layout your accounting software requires for invoice importing and we will program ECLynx to output your utility invoices into that format. All you'll have to do is select the import feature within your accounting software and select the file ECLynx has produced. Completely eliminate the time and errors inherent in keypunching invoices.

Analyze your energy cost. If a budget crisis, electricity deregulation or the current economic recession has your organization scrambling for energy data, you're not alone. How much are you spending on electricity this year versus last? Are you meeting your conservation goals? Have your energy saving projects made a difference? How can you budget for next year? ECLynx can seemless feed your SoCal Edison EDI bills into your Energy Management application so you can track your usage and costs. Feed EnergyCAP, Utility Manager, and others.

"But I already have an EDI department": We have many large national companies using our software despite the fact that they have huge internal EDI departments that handle their company’s procurement needs. These clients realize that each utility's 810 implementation is different, changes often and can't be handled by a straight translation map. Custom code is necessary to reformat each utility's bill data into one generic import layout and these clients have decided to let ECLynx handle everything for them.

Included with your ECLynx service:
--> Email notification for incoming documents
--> Readable reports of all invoice can be printed, emailed or downloaded
--> Document Storage online for 6 months
--> Exceptional, unlimited technical support
--> Testing, implementation, and maintaince of all partner relationships
--> 997 acknowledements sent automatically
--> VAN, Secure FTP and AS2 connectivity solutions