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Technology Partners

Technology Partners

Xebec Data works with these partners to offer our ECLynx and DataTrek EDI Solutions and to supply connectivity alternatives to our clients.

Xebec resells nuBridges' EDI Value Added Network services.  A mailbox on nuBridges' EDI*Net network is included in our ECLynx Subscriptions and DataTrek software.  All communication scripts to connect to the EDI mailbox are included. 

Xebec is also a reseller of Corvedia's Value Added Network services.  Depending on the customer, sometimes our EDI Solution comes with an EDI mailbox on Corvedia's system.  All connectivity scripts are included and imbedded within ECLynx and Datatrek.  Corvedia also provides AS2 connectivity to our customers' Trading Partners.

EDI's ProEDI LT EDI map software is licensed and used behind the scenes of our EDI solutions.  Proedi's LT version allows our clients to run EDI maps designed by Xebec and eliminates the need to learn EDI coding specifications.