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Strategic Alliances

Strategic Alliances

Xebec values the strategic relationships it has forged with several companies.  We try to find companies that are a logical fit with which to integrate our DataTrek software.  The resulting partnership is one that offers a much-needed technical solution for our clients' challenges.

Xebec Data has a close partnership with EnergyCAP, the leading energy efficiency software on the market. Xebec's EDI service can seemlessly feed EDI utility bill data directly into the EnergyCAP application.  
Xebec Data has enjoyed a long and successful relationship with UMS.  They market an energy analysis program called Utility Manager (UM).  Clients using UM to analyze their utility bills and energy usage, need a way to get utility bill info into the program.  That's where DataTrek EDI software comes in.  Our two programs work together seamlessly to accomplish this goal. 
Xebec Data and Highland Software. We can seemlessly import all sorts of accounting transactions, purchase orders, invoices, payments, etc.