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EDI for Suppliers

Are you a supplier in the retail industry needing an EDI solution so you can sell your goods? If so, we have a great solution for you. ECLynx is a complete EDI solution to enable companies of all sizes with their business partner.

ECLynx Supplier allows you to transmit all the EDI documents required of your partners including purchase orders, invoices, ship notices, inventory reports, etc.

Let us act as your EDI department and handle all the mapping, testing, interaction with your partners' EDI departments, EDI transmission, and implementation and on-going support. We'll work with you integrate the EDI documents with any internal application.

For start up companies with small volumes, we offer our EClynx Turnaround system that displays your orders online and then allows you to turn them around into ourbound invoices and ship notices. This solution requires you key punch the orders into your accounting system, but it is a great way to get started.

We will have you completely complient with your partners EDI requirement in no time.

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