Fleetmatics API Integration

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Fleetmatics API Integration

Fleetmatics API Integration

Xebec Data now offers integration with Fleetmatics' API to offer a fully automated EDI solution. With the new data needs of retailers such as Wal-Mart requiring shipment location information every hour, an automated solution is the only option. Let us take care of this integration with the Fleetmatics' system to provide data feeds at your specified intervals.

Easy Setup

We have already developed the solution with Fleetmatics, so getting live is quick and easy. We simply register your company on their API platform, receive the credentials, and integration is done. Leaving only the EDI testing to have a fully automated solution. With most partners, this should be under a two week turnaround to have the problem solved.

Xebec Handles Everything

Being on our managed service platform, Xebec will handle all the mapping, testing, and maintenance of the Fleetmatics integration and your EDI maps with your partners. If anything goes wrong, simply contact your Xebec representative and have most problems solved within minutes.

Call us at 303-368-1252 or email us for more detailed information.