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Energy Management

Energy Management 

Utility Billing - With the rising cost of natural gas and energy bills, staying on top of your energy costs has become very important. Use DataTrek to receive invoices from your electric and gas utilities via EDI. Import this invoice data into Energy Analysis Programs to track costs and automate the payment process. Eliminate keypunch errors and late payment fees.

Why do you need to analyze your utility bills?

  • Utility costs are going up
  • Deregulated market lets you shop for the best deals
  • Investments to conserve Energy Costs can be identified and tracked
  • On-time payments reduce late fees
  • Automated system eliminates time consuming key punching and the inherent errors
For more information check out: EnergyCAP, Utility Manager, or EnergyCAP Canada 

Deregulated Energy Industry - We have an EDI solution for participants in this emerging industry. If you are an Energy Service Provider needing to send DASRs, Invoices, and Metering Data to utilities, we have a complete Energy Deregulation package available that includes 814, 810, 820, 824, 867, 248 transaction sets. We can even supply Data Entry programs to facilitate collecting the data needed for some of these transactions.

Check out these datasheets for more information:

  • Santa Barbara Case Study - The City of Santa Barbara case study shows how one city imported utility bills into EnergyCAP.
  • Kroger Case Study - Kroger is a great example of a large corporation that already processes all their own bills, but sees the value of outsourcing just their utility invoices to Xebec to process and import into Utility Manager.
  • Santa Cruz Case Study - The City of Santa Cruz case study demonstrates will give other cities and counties a step by step of how Xebec can integrate with Utility Manager.
  • PG&E EDI ROI Calculator - Using PG&E as an example, this ROI Calculator will show the cost savings of receiving your bills via EDI instead of traditional key punching models.
  • PGE EDI/UM ROI Calculator - Expanding upon the previous datasheet, this will include Utility Manager in the ROI calculation to show the total savings cities and counties are seeing by choosing our solution.