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Case Study 2: Ista North America

Ista North America Finds the Value of Integrating with ECLynx

Ista North America, a leader in utility expense management, processes bills from many different utility companies across the nation. Ista needed to have the high volume of bills processed into an importable layout for their Utility Manangement software used to analyze the bills. In addition, Ista also needed a user freindly readable layout to display to their clients. Due to the nature of utility bills, changes are constantly made to the layouts of the bills sent which meant that updates would need to be frequently made to both the map and the custom programs.

Break Down of Scenario:

  • Many trading partners all with their own custom programs
  • Ability to integrate with the Utiltity Management Software on the backend
  • Ability to display a user freindly invoice
  • Easily update maps and custom programs to reflect industry changes


Xebec Data, as it does with all its solutions, did all the contacting of trading partners, mapping of their implementation guides, building of the custom programs and testing of the transmitted documents. When selecting what product would best fit this scenario, we chose the ECLynx web based solution with the integration option. This would allow for all the usual processing that a DataTrek environment could offer, but also allowed for easy updating of the maps and programs by Xebec specialists; eliminating any need for Ista to update files at their site.

Xebec, with its extensive work in the utility industry, was able to easily integrate with Utility Management Software on their back end, and created an easy to view invoice layout which could be uploaded to their web server for their clients to view. We aggreed the easiest way to integrate with Ista's backend was to send each batch of files to their FTP server for processing. This eliminated all manual intervention for Ista, the files would simply be waiting for them in the morning to process. In the event that a file doesn't appear to be correct, or any other problem arises, Ista simply calls us and we handle everything from there.

In addition to the files that are produced and sent to Ista, a web based presentation of the files are also available on our website for viewing and downloading. Allowing Ista employees to access the same files from where ever there is an internet connection.