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Case Study 1: In Green Turn-Around Solution

In Green is a supplier to Home Depot and K-Mart

In Green Company, a small wholesaler to the home improvement industry, was forced by its trading partners to become EDI compliant. Being a startup company, In Green needed a cost effective solution to receive purchase orders and send invoices and ship notices. Because the volumes associated with Home Depot and K-Mart were in the realm of less then 10 orders a day, In Green chose not to integrate with its back end system.

Break Down of Scenario

  • 2 Trading Partners: Home Depot & K-Mart
  • Ability to view and print purchase orders
  • Use existing data to auto-populate ship notice and invoice fields
  • Provide personalized service to ensure In Green succeeds on its mandatory tasks
As Xebec Data does with all of its clients, we contacted the two trading partners to initiate the relationship. This includes obtaining the implementation guides from both Home Depot and K-Mart, mapping all required documents, creating customized forms and views to fit the client's particular needs, and performing all required testing. Because In Green is key punching both the invoice and ship notice documents, some special coding was needed in the forms to populate the UPC number based on specific item numbers sent in the purchase order. Xebec's unique ability to customize the forms for each of its clients has saved In Green countless hours of needless key punching.

If a problem ever occurs, In Green simply picks up the phone and calls their designated account manager at Xebec Data. In Green never has to explain the services Xebec provides them, instead their dedicated account manager already has a working knowledge of their account, and can usually diagnose and fix the problem over the phone. This level of customer service provides In Green with a confidence that it has a dedicated EDI team that is can rely on.

When In Green is ready to grow, ECLynx will be ready to grow with them. Whether they simply add more trading partners to their existing processes, or modifying the process completely to integrate with their backend system; ECLynx provides the flexibility and scalability to get the job done.