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Datatrek vs. ECLynx

Datatrek vs. ECLynx

Datatrek Desktop Application:

We will do all required mapping and testing so that you do not have to touch a thing – simply run the install we send you and click ‘Start Timer’ to begin the automated process. When incoming files are received, they will be translated and deposited into what ever folder you need so that your accounting software can process them. For outgoing files, you simply drop the files exported from your accounting system to the send folder and Datatrek will process and send out through the nuBridges box. You will want to check the machine every now and again to make sure that no errors have occurred, but that should be all the necessary intervention.

ECLynx Web Solution:

Once again we do all the mapping and testing but the software will be hosted on our server and documents will be made available through our web interface. Translated documents can be either manually downloaded through the web, pushed to an FTP server at your site or we can provide you with a little program that will pull all the translated documents from our FTP server onto your network. Outgoing documents can then be created either through our online forms or by extracting data from your accounting system and either uploading the file through the web interface or pushing the data to our FTP server where it would then be translated. This solution is also able to offer a seemless integration with your backend system but provides us with the ability to access the translator in case of trouble shooting which equates to less potential downtime.